CellSeed is carefully exploring various possibilities for the next pipeline product to be developed in Japan, following our Epithelial Cell Sheet for Esophageal Regeneration and our Regenerated Cartilage Sheet. Within this framework, we are considering the development of our Cell Sheet for Periodontal Tissue Regeneration in Japan and our Epithelial Cell Sheet for Esophageal Regeneration in Europe.

Epithelial Cell Sheet for Corneal Regeneration

This is a cell sheet for treating various diseases of the corneal epithelium (the surface of the human eye), such as limbal stem cell deficiency. The cell sheet is made of patient-derived oral mucosal epithelial cells that are cultured on temperature-responsive cell cultureware. This sheet is then transplanted onto the defective area of the patient’s cornea.

We will continue discussing future development of the sheet in Japan with parties concerned.