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Focusing on regenerative medicine as our core business, we provide key cutting edge technology and solutions as well as tissue-engineered products such as corneas and skin.


Temperature-responsive cell cultureware for "Cell Sheet" engineering

Collect cultured confluent cells as an intact cell-sheet without enzyme treatment.

No suture required for transplantation since fibronectin is kept intact on cells.

Construction of multiple layered cell-sheet is possible since fibronectin is kept intact on cells.


Temperature-responsive cell cutureware for cell collection

Collect intact cells by mere control of temperature.

Suitable for culturing fragile cells such as stem cells, macrophages, neurons or dendritic cells.

Ideal for study on surface antigen or extra cellular matrix.

For culturing cells to be used for cell therapy.

For cell cloning by limited dilution.

It is used in NIH USA.


Low cell binding cultureware

For formation of embryoid bodies of ES cells in culture.

For formation of anchorage-independent colonies.

For differentiation such as cartilage (spheroid formation).

For culture & storage of macrophage/immune cells.

For screening of anti-cancer drugs (replacement for soft agar assays).