Regenerated cartilage sheet

A product in our regenerative medicine pipeline for which research and development is directed toward the treatment of osteoarthritis. Currently, a clinical research is conducted at our research partner's site.

Product Concept and Characteristics

The surface of joint cartilage becomes worn and deformed through repeated or excessive movement of joints. Eventually, the joint can no longer move smoothly, a condition known as osteoarthritis. Once osteoarthritis develops, it is not possible to return the joint to the original state, and prior treatment methods have been confined to symptomatic therapies that attempt to slow its progression. Numerous research and development endeavors have already focused on regenerated cartilage, mainly involving patients with severe bone/cartilage deficiency. In contrast, CellSeed's cartilage regeneration technology uses regenerated cartilage sheets prepared by culturing the patient's own cartilage cells in temperature-responsive cultureware. The cell sheets are then transplanted into the site affected by osteoarthritis in the early to middle stages of disease, where the aim is to fundamentally regenerate the worn cartilage surface.