Cell Sheet Regenerative Medicine

CellSeed Inc. engages with the challenges of “commercializing regenerative medicine” using cell sheets

The enactment of the Act on the Safety of Regenerative Medicine and the Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, and Other Therapeutic Product Act (PMD. Act), which came into effect in 2014, awakened much public interest in regenerative medicine, which uses cells to restore lost functions.

In regenerative medicine, cells collected from healthy tissues are cultured and transplanted back to patients, with the aim of producing tissue repair and functional recovery. Regenerative medicine offers great promise for raising patients’ Quality of Life (QOL). Complete cure for hitherto untreatable diseases may be more likely now. The cell sheet that CellSeed is working to commercialize is a thin membrane cultured from human cells. This sheet is grafted back onto the patient’s lesion to regenerate cells and organs. “Cell sheet engineering” is the platform technology developed by Professor Teruo Okano of Tokyo Women's Medical University (and an external Executive Director of CellSeed, Inc.). It is an innovative technology attracting world attention as a game-changer in regenerative medicine. Using cell sheet engineering, clinical researches and clinical trials for human use have started with a view to diverse applications including esophagus, cartilage, corneal, cardiac, middle ear and periodontal therapies and R&D is underway to commercialize these applications.

The development pipeline of CellSeed includes the epithelial cell sheet for esophageal regeneration and the regenerated cartilage sheet. We are endeavoring to commercialize these products as soon as possible.

Development of Treatment using Cell Sheet

Development of Treatment using Cell Sheet