Greetings from CEO

Setsuko Hashimoto, Ph.D.President and CEO, CellSeed Inc.

Regenerative Medicine Is Now Closer to Patients
- We take the initiative of contributing to global health care in the valuable and innovative field of regenerative medicine -
Setsuko Hashimoto, Ph.D. President and CEO, CellSeed Inc.

CellSeed Inc. is proud of our flagship product, the cell sheet*, born of an innovative concept which originated in Japan from a platform technology in the field of regenerative medicine since its establishment.

Dynamic changes are ongoing in medicine today. The Regenerative Medicine Promotion Act took effect in 2014, aimed at expediting and facilitating research and application in regenerative medicine. Taking up this great opportunity, we identified our epithelial cell sheet for esophageal regeneration and regenerated cartilage sheet as prioritized pipelines and have been working on R&D activities with the aim of acquiring marketing authorizations. In 2015, CellSeed established an overseas subsidiary called CellSeed Sweden AB in Stockholm, Sweden. The company conducts R&D, marketing and sales of regenerative medicine products in Europe. It is already in preliminary consultations with the European Medical Agency (EMA) to acquire marketing authorization across Europe for the epithelial cell sheet for esophageal regeneration for its application on healing post-operative lesions resulting from superficial esophageal cancer. In 2016, we started clinical trials in Japan on the epithelial cell sheet for esophageal regeneration. Also in 2016, we moved our headquarters to the Telecom Center Building in the Odaiba Waterfront Area, constructing our Cell Processing Center (CPC) in the same building and creating a good foothold for the commercialization of the cell sheet business.

Our teams are working tirelessly, applying for the marketing approval of epithelial cell sheet for esophageal regeneration and planning for the clinical trial of regenerated cartilage sheet for the indication of knee osteoarthritis. We are now one step closer to the commercialization of cell sheet products.

Bringing cell sheet products to as many patients as possible, as soon as possible – this is CellSeed’s constant aim. Your continued support is greatly valued and appreciated.

*Cell sheet is the thin membrane created by culturing human cells in sheet form using our unique cell sheet engineering technology, which promotes the regeneration of tissues and organs by applying the cultured cell sheets onto the affected area.

Setsuko Hashimoto